Local Landscape Character Assessment

What is the Local Landscape Character Assessment?

The LLCA involves a team of volunteers assessing the character of the land in the Carn Brea Parish area.

The assessment will group the landscape into areas with the same character - creating landscape types. The end product will be a character description for each landscape type, with guidance for future planning and land management. We can then use this information to inform our policies for the Neighbourhood Plan.

So far, volunteer members of the Steering Group have taken part in LLCA training lead by a landscape architect from Cornwall Council. From this, we have divided the Parish into 5 provisional areas.

We have also commissioned maps from the Cornwall Wildlife Trust to give us more of insight into the species and habitats that are so important to us.

The fieldwork assessments and walks have nearly all been completed now and we are now moving to review the areas and landscape types to create landscape descriptions which can inform our policies.