Local Landscape Character Assessment

What will it involve?

A team of volunteers assessing the character of the land in the Carn Brea Parish area.

The assessment will group the landscape into areas with the same character - creating landscape types. The end product will be a character description for each landscape type, with guidance for future planning and land management. We can then use this information to inform our policies for the Neighbourhood Plan.

We have arranged a training workshop for volunteers wishing to help us with the character assessments. This is being held on Saturday 7th April for approximately 3 hours in the afternoon, and will be held at a local venue.

The training workshop will be led by a landscape architect from Cornwall Council - it will include guidance on how to divide up the area into landscape types, and guidance on completing the fieldwork assessments.

Following the training workshop the volunteers will be tasked to assess the character of the Carn Brea Parish area, which covers an area including Carn Brea itself and up to the village of Four Lanes.

We anticipate completing the assessments between April and October this year.

If you would like to get involved please contact Angela Blakeway either by email: a.blakeway2018@gmail.com or by phone 07811 849525