Neighbourhood Plan

The results of the latest Neighbourhood Development Plan Consultation are available to view here.

Our Vision

  • To protect the unique character and environment of Carn Brea Parish.
  • To celebrate the history and culture of Carn Brea Parish.
  • To enhance biodiversity, habitats and opportunities to tackle climate change.
  • To serve the needs of the local community.
  • To connect rural communities together.


Neighbourhood Planning is a government initiative, introduced by The Localism Act 2011. It allows communities the opportunity to shape development in their area. The Neighbourhood Plan (the Plan) will include policies to influence that development. The policies will be created locally, reflecting locally gathered evidence, and will be related to local views, concerns and aspirations.

Once the Plan has been made, and approved, it becomes an integral part of the planning system and is a ‘material consideration’ for planning applications. The Plan must be in conformity with the Cornwall Local Plan, the overarching planning document for the county.

The Plan policies must positively influence development through community involvement.

It will identify how good development will be delivered within the designated area, this can be through design, the environment and infrastructure for example.

Our Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council are midway through developing The Plan for Carn Brea Parish.

  • We decided our ‘designated area’ will be the whole Parish of Carn Brea.
  • We circulated an initial questionnaire to our residents, and an initial questionnaire to our business community - the replies we received regarding the topic areas will help to shape the basis of the Plan. You can see these questionnaires by clicking on the questionnaires button on the right.
  • We held a series of display events at locations around the Parish – this was an opportunity for the community to view the replies we received from the questionnaires, to offer comments and feedback on the topic areas and to volunteer to get involved.
  • From this initial engagement a Steering Group was formed.
  • A larger, detailed questionnaire was developed by the Steering Group on topics raised through community engagement. This was delivered to the whole Parish and over 500 responses were received.
  • We have begun drafted policies and through this process identified further information needed which has lead to a second consultation through Go Collaborate
  • The Steering group completed a Local Landscape Character Assessment which is available in the second consultation.
  • The Steering Group have also consulted with local communities and developed two draft boundaries which can be viewed and responded to with Go Collaborate.
Due to Covid restrictions, as much as possible our second consultation is taking place online with Go Collaborate. If, however, you need a paper version, please contact the Parish Office.

When we have written our Plan and it has been approved by a Planning Inspector, there will be a public referendum in which our residents can vote to adopt the Plan.

A majority vote is needed for the adoption.

As the Plan progresses, we will continue to update this page.