Parish Council Grants

Carn Brea Parish Council is committed to supporting and helping local community groups improve the quality of life for Carn Brea Parish residents and does this by offering grants in line with its grant policy. The Council is funded by the precept paid by the people living in the parish of Carn Brea and therefore has a duty to act responsibly and safeguard its limited resources.

A grant is a contribution made by Carn Brea Parish Council to voluntary groups, charitable and community organisations towards a specific project or activity which is not directly controlled or administered by the Council to improve the wellbeing of residents of the parish of Carn Brea.

Carn Brea Parish Council consider grant applications in January, April, July and October at the Full Council meeting which is held on the third Thursday of the month and exceptionally at other times of the year at the Chairman and Clerks discretion.