Carn Brea Hill


Carn Brea Hill registered as Common Land.

Tuesday 21st April 2015 was the day that Carn Brea Parish Council heard the news that we had been waiting for since October 2013 – that Carn Brea (the hill) had been successfully registered as ‘Common Land’.

The official announcement was made by Sue Arnott of The Planning Inspectorate, who had examined our application for registration, and formally decided that ‘Land at Carn Brea, in the Parish of Carn Brea, Cornwall’ would be officially registered.

Carn Brea is already part of a World Heritage Site, an area of Great Landscape Value/Great Historic Value and much of it is a Conservation Area.

But having it declared Common Land creates a higher degree of protection for the beautiful hill we see from all parts of our Parish, and importantly ensures a legal Public Right of Access, the ‘right to roam’.

The process of registration was complicated and required detailed historical research, necessary to satisfy the many criteria in the Commons Act 2006.

The Council received much generous assistance from Martin Wright of Cornwall Council, and enjoyed the support and co-operation of residents and land-owners on or close to Carn Brea. We are grateful to them all.

Access to Carn Brea hill is now a legal right – for activities such as walking, running, sight-seeing, birdwatching, climbing and picnicking – and we are delighted to have achieved this for this and future generations.

For a map of the area, click here.