The members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are a combination of volunteers from the local community and Carn Brea Parish Councillors. The Councillors act as the link between the Parish Council and the Steering Group.

The volunteers from the local community came forward in response to the initial public consultation early in 2018.

The Steering Group had its first meeting in May 2018. From then onwards the Group have met, spent time setting up the structure and administration of the group and its meetings, and collecting detailed information about the social, environmental and economic conditions in the Parish. 

Six working groups were set up based on the following topic areas:
  • Infrastructure, Community Facilities and Services
  • Open/Green Spaces and Recreation
  • Heritage, Conservation and the Built Environment
  • Housing Provision
  • Business & Retail
  • Traffic, Transport and Parking
In the process detailed community surveys were then conducted, to find out what people thought were the good and bad things about the area, and how they thought these things should either be protected or improved.

The working groups and Steering Group analysed the information and identified a shared vision for the Parish looking forward to 2030, and based on this identified a set of objectives from which the draft Neighbourhood Plan has now been written.

There is still work to be done before the Plan is adopted. If you would like to help, please email