Vaping Health Implications

Published: 14 February 2024

NHS Information
The NHS provide a wealth of information which includes:-
  • How vaping can help you quit smoking.
  • Vaping myths and facts.
  • Is vaping harmful?
  • Tips for switching to a vape.
  • How to choose and use a vape.
  • Vaping side effects.
  • How to quit vaping when you feel ready.
  • Are vapes safe to use in pregnancy?
  • Vaping around others.
  • How to dispose of vapes responsibly.
  • Young people and vaping.
How to quit smoking & vaping

Healthy Cornwall
Healthy Cornwall has published some resources online for young people, parents and carers

Public Health
Earlier this year Public Health England commissioned educational resources for all schools to use: Youth vaping resources – Healthy Cornwall
This link provides information for pupils, teachers and parents/carers.

Vapes are not collected as part of recycling collections, but can be taken to all local Household Waste Recycling Centres. If the battery is contained in the vape and cannot be removed, then Cornwall Council advise that the whole thing go into a battery container at one of their Household Recycling Centres. If the battery is removable then the battery would go into the battery container and the vape into the small electrical container. Full information can be found here.

Download this information sheet here