Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


The members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are a combination of volunteers from the local community and Carn Brea Parish Councillors. The Councillors act as the link between the Parish Council and the Steering Group.

The volunteers from the local community came forward in response to the initial public consultation early in 2018.

The Steering Group had its first meeting in May 2018. From then onwards the Group have met, spent time setting up the structure and administration of the group and its meetings, and they set up 6 working groups based on the following topic areas:
  • Infrastructure, Community Facilities and Services
  • Open/Green Spaces and Recreation
  • Heritage, Conservation and the Built Environment
  • Housing Provision
  • Business & Retail
  • Traffic, Transport and Parking
These topic areas were decided on based on the responses received from the initial questionnaire which was sent out by Carn Brea Parish Council at the start of this process.

  • The Steering Group has produced a detailed questionnaire which was delivered to all households in Carn Brea Parish. The responses have been collected and are being used to begin developing policies for the Neighbourhood Development Plan.
  • The Steering Group is also in the process of consulting areas of the Parish about development boundaries.
  • The Steering Group has been working hard carrying out Local Landscape Character Assessments of the Parish in order to identify key features of our varied landscape as well as looking into what protected plant and animal species exist within the Parish
  • As a result of this work and further information needed, a second consultation is taking place using an online platform with Go Collaborate.
  • If you own any land in the Carn Brea Parish area we need to hear from you – we can then consult with you if a development boundary is being drafted for the area nearby to your land.

For all queries, including if you would like to get involved in helping with the Neighbourhood Plan, please get in touch: