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Remembered with Honour

After extensive research on Ancestry we will be able to include personal information on most of the casualties on Remembered with Honour.

Among other details we have discovered that we have four pairs of brothers and one of cousins from WW1 and three sets of brothers from WW11 including one of twins.

 Remembered with Honour
The WW1 brothers are:
  • Polkinghorne: DC & E
  • Stocker: Edward Cuthbert & Thomas Fuller
  • James: Stanley & Frederick James and nephew Samuel John James
  • Trevarthen: John & Fred
The WW1 cousins are:
Treloar: Frederick John & cousin Percy Gluvas
The WW11 brothers are:
  • Gronert : Claude & Thomas (twins)
  • Laity: D & L M
  • Smale: George & Thomas Gerald
 There are also an additional eight names to be added.
We have been in contact with some of the descendants of casualties and now have four photographs. We would welcome more photographs and further information to update, so if you have anything please get in touch.

World War 1
World War 2

Samuel B. Baker
Joseph Blewett
James H. Bodinnar
Sidney S. Brown
Thomas H. Choak
John T. Collick
Albert A. Eathorne
Frederick Eddy
Charles Floyd
Samuel George
Stanley Clifford Gilbert
John Harris
John Instance
Frederick James
Horace H. James
Samuel J. James
Stanley James
Stanley J. Jenkin
Edgar H. Jewell
George F. A. Jilbert DCM 
Arthur Judd
William H. Lugg
Richard S. Major 
Harry Manuell
B. Nancarrow
William J. Nancarrow
Frederick Ninnis
John E. Odgers
Francis J. Phillips
David C. Polkinghorne
E. Polkinghorne
P. Prisk
E. Prosser
William C. Richards
John Rule
William Sampson
William C. Saunders
William Smitham
John W. Solomon  
Edward C. Stocker
Thomas F. Stocker
Charles E. Thomas
Edward  Thomas
J.T. Thomas
Thomas H. Tippett
Albert Sidney Toy
William H. Treglown
J.H.L. Treglown
Frederick John Treloar
Percy Gluyas Treloar
Fred Trevarthen
John Trevarthen
William S. Trevena
Leonard White
Edward P. Williams
Thomas H. Williams
Ernest A. Willoughby
George Willoughby               


Edward Andrew
James H. Bartle
Frederick R. Bassett
Douglas Belcham ThumbnailD.F. Belcham
Boyce H. Chappell
Ralph Clayton DFC
Christopher G. Collins
William Collins
Stanley H. Craze
William Craze
Richard Curnow
Walter  H. Davall
Donald J.T. Dunstan
Phillip S.S.R. Eathorne
Alan Clarence Edwards
Claude Gronert
Thomas Gronert
William H. Hazelton
Philip  G. James
Richard  J. Jones
Stanley  J. Kemp
John W. Kendall
Douglas Laity ThumbnailDouglas  Laity
Lionel M. Laity
Eric S. Matthews
Joseph Mitchell
Ewart  G. Oates
Wilfred Orchard
Oscar L. Paull
William J. Penaluna
Cecil F. Rodda
George L. Smale
Thomas  G. Smale
Frederick C. Stevens
John M. Teague
Stanley Treloar
William T. Treloar
Leslie Tucker ThumbnailLeslie Tucker
WIlliam R. Wellington
John Yelland ThumbnailJohn V. Yelland

C.D. Symons

Later Casualties 

Richard H. Clymo
Isaac N. Hawken