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Community Book Share

Outside The Countryman Pub at Piece we have taken over the familiar red BT telephone box, renovated it and fitted it out with shelving and installed a wide range of books, there for you to borrow, read, and return.

People are now making use of the Community Book Share and we are pleased that the facility is being appreciated.

We are always happy to receive your unwanted books, so that we can use them as space becomes available. Call our office on 01209 313014 and we will collect them from you.

We will be needing more books as we can report that the Council has just agreed with BT to take over the redundant red telephone box outside the Carn Brea Village Institute. The intention is to renovate this red box and turn it into a second Community Book Share over the next few weeks.

Reading a book, whether fiction or not, is one of life’s wonderful experiences, creating imagination, widening knowledge, and inspiring creativity. We hope you all will use the Book Shares and care for them.
Book Share Phone Box Book Share Phone Box Close Up