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2017 Awards

Leona Hughes Receiving Award
Leona Hughes received the Marise Levenson Memorial Award. Cllr. Moyle made the presentation.

This was awarded for Leona’s charity work.
Mark Iverson Receiving Award
Marc Iveson received a Local Peoples Award for service to the community. The Chairman of the Council Cllr. Drew made the award.
Retiring Councillors
Retiring Councillors received a plaque of appreciation for service to Carn Brea Parish Council.

Councillors. C.E.N. Bickford, Miss. J. Pollock, P. Holmes, S. Larner-Brown, C. Skinner and P. Mather. Presented by the Chairman of the Council, Councillor R. Drew.
Sharon Clemo Receiving Award
Sharon Clemo received the Clarence Coombe Memorial Award for her charitable acts.