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Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan for Carn Brea Parish.
Neighbourhood Planning is a government initiative, introduced by The Localism Act 2011. It allows communities the opportunity to shape development in their area. The Neighbourhood Plan (the Plan) will include policies to influence that development. The policies will be created locally, reflecting locally gathered evidence, and will be related to local views, concerns and aspirations.

Once the Plan has been made, and approved, it becomes an integral part of the planning system and is a ‘material consideration’ for planning applications. The Plan must be in conformity with the Cornwall Local Plan, the overarching planning document for the county.

The Plan policies must positively influence development through community involvement.

It will identify how good development will be delivered within the designated area, this can be through design, the environment and infrastructure for example.

The Parish Council have started the process of developing a Plan. We have decided our ‘designated area’ will be the whole Parish of Carn Brea. We have circulated a simple first questionnaire to our residents and are analysing the excellent replies we received. We will soon conduct a similar exercise with the local business community.

There will be opportunities for members of the community to be involved in this process. They can volunteer to help create the Plan, and be invited to comment during two formal consultations.

When we have written our Plan and it has been approved by a Planning Inspector, there will be a public referendum in which our residents can vote to adopt the Plan.

A majority vote is needed for the adoption.

As the process develops we will place more information on this page. Please feel free to call or visit us if you would like to discuss the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Attached is the first questionnaire we used.